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Northern blue tongue skink





Northern blue tongue skink



The northern blue tongue skink is the largest skink of Australia and probably the largest skink in the world. It is widely distributed in the regions of Northern Australia. Their habitats range from Eucalyptus woodlands to open forests and shrub lands. 

It's a large bodied skink with a distinctive triangular head. The tail is relatively short and cylindrical and tapers to a point and it's short legs are not conducive to climbing very high. They are equipped with strong jaws and short blunt teeth. Their threat display of hissing, flattening their body and opening their mouth to show a wide, moving, vivid blue tongue is usually as a last resort being docile by nature.

Their coloration can be a ground color of light  brown to light gray with 5-12 cross bands, usually irregular, created by the vertebral region and seen in most specimens. The bands extend down to their flanks and are separated by yellowish brown to orange interspaces. The head is usually un patterned and is light brown to light gray. The limbs are brownish with the front being unmarked and the hind legs having a blackish brown spotted pattern.

Northern blue tongues are omnivores feeding on both plant and animal. They are normally diurnal being most active in early morning and late afternoon but will avoid the hottest hours of the day. They are live bearers with litters being small copies of their parents.


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