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Milk Snakes
Lampropeltis triangulum

Adult Breeder Male "Cosala" Sinaloan Milk

Cosala Sinaloan Milksnakes.
(Lampropeltis triangulum sinaloae) -  Sinaloan milksnakes continue to be popular for their extremely wide red bands. Our breeders, which originate from Cosala Mexico are selectively bred to produce vivid orange-red offspring with wide clean bands and varying amounts of red head patterns. This bloodline originated from "Seven Generation Reptiles" where I hand picked two pairs of their best available stock.  $150-$250 each.
Sold Out for 2018

Albino Mexican Milk snakes

(Lampropeltis triangulum annulata). Because of the number of "albino milk snakes" available in the trade from several triangullum species/sub-species, many of which having questionable purity, I felt compelled to share how "ours" came about. The original albino annulata's were owned by Susan Hardy and collected from "Freer" Texas.
Bob Applegate aquired some of Susan's animals and outcrossed them to his annulata line also collected from "Freer" Texas. As a result of these pairings strong fertile offspring were produced improving the problamatic fertility issues seen in the past. These are 100% "pure annulata" and locality specific making them very desireable to work with. Still rare in collections with much potential for refinement and breeding into other annulata morphs. Easy to raise and breed.
Price: $250 each Available Now!

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